Why Choose Us?

As a local vending service provider in Zebulon, North Carolina, we offer reliable and budget-friendly vending solutions. Here, we have mentioned some reasons to choose us

Low Price

Best Vending Company does not have employees. We have partners.involved has a vested interest in the company. Thus, there is very little waste and overhead. That means more savings to our customers.

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Better Customer Service

Unlike larger vending companies, you, our customer get to choose what goes into the vendingmachine. You are the customer, so why shouldn't you be able to choose what you consume?

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Service Call

If you have an issue with our service, call us and we will have a quick resolution. We believe in having clean working machines at all vending locations.

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Community Involvement

We don't only provide drink and snack services. We serve our local communities through fund-raising. We can place a bulk candy/toy machine at your location and you will receive 20% gross commissions.

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What We Do

We service the following counties in Central North Carolina:

Wake, Nash, Edgecombe ,Wilson ,Johnston ,Harnett ,Lee ,Durham ,Granville , Franklin and Wayne Counties.

Whether you need a drink vending machine or a snack vending machine our company is the right place. We have been in business since 1994. We are an independent vending company based in Zebulon North Carolina. When it comes to snacks and soft drinks, we know what our customers need! Unlike national vending companies we keep our vending overheads low so your employees and customers always get the lowest possible prices.

Since we are independent, we can mix and match Coke and Pepsi products in the same drink vending machine and different products in the snack vending machine. All vending machines accept dollar bills. In case the soft drink or snack does not vend correctly, we will gladly refund your money. We have our vending service call number on all our vending machines for customers to call. If your current big chain vending company is busy raising prices, maybe it’s time to give Best Vending Company a call, your local vending service provider.

CALL US: 919-607-5005

Bulk Candy/Toy Vending

Do you have a favorite charity or non-profit organization? How would you like to give back in a way that will not cost you anything but two square feet of space in your business?

If you answered yes, then bulk candy/toy vending may be what you are looking for. We will deliver the candy machine to your location and pay you 20% gross commission. Best of all, you don’t have to wait to get paid. We count the money on site and you are paid on the spot.

We will place a machine in as many locations as you need. The machines are serviced monthly. This gives the machine enough time to collect a significant number of quarters in between visits. So don’t hold off any longer. Start collecting money for your organization today.

After making your request, you will receive a machine within 1-3 business days. And don’t worry. These machines take up very little space and they require no electricity. We look forward to serving you this week.

Larger Ice Machine

  • • Water-tight lock-form seam construction for a stronger and more durable cabinet with all steel construction.
  • • Premier quality fabrication with the straightest edges and minimal foam bleed.
  • • ‘Box Frame’ constructed for optimal strength and increased resistance to freight damage.
  • • Low-temperature sealed condensing units.
  • • Two-part acrylic polyurethane coating offers mid-range gloss and excellent weather durability.
  • • Epoxy primer formulated to have excellent adhesion and corrosion and humidity resistance.

Frequenty Asked Question

Explore our FAQs for quick answers to your vending queries. We simplify vending solutions for you!

There is not cost to place a vending machine at your location. We only ask that you use the machine/s.

You can have as many machines necessary to service your employees and/or customers.

1 oz. chips $0.90

Chips larger than 1 oz. $1.50

Candy bars $1.75

Cakes and pies $1.75

Nabs $0.75

Other snack items will vary in price. Prices are always subject to change due to external forces such as inflation.

12 oz. canned drinks $1.00
20 oz. bottled drinks $1.75

NOTE: If a snack machine ONLY is placed at your location , 1 oz. snacks will be $1.00.
This is necessary to offset the cost of damaged and expired snacks.

Up to two weeks.

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    Area We Cover

    We have been providing professional vending services throughout Zebulon and the surrounding areas in North Carolina since 1994.

    Unlike national chains, we prioritize affordability and customer satisfaction. Experience the difference with Best Vending – your local choice for reliable and budget-friendly vending solutions.

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    Best Vending Company is thrilled to be part of the Atlantic Coast Exposition 2023! Join us at this premier event to explore cutting-edge vending solutions and discover why we're industry leaders.

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